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Funeral Flowers

Losing someone you love isn’t easy. And though sending flowers or having arrangements made for the funeral or memorial service doesn’t make it easier, they make the ceremony more beautiful and can help bring comfort to those that are grieving. Let us at ProFlowers help you make this difficult time a little easier to navigate and bear.

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What are appropriate funeral flowers to send?

There are plenty of respectful, appropriate, and stunning flowers to choose from for a funeral. Some common choices are funeral roses, lilies, carnations, and daisies. But if the person that passed loved chrysanthemums or orchids, those are great choices as well. Don't be afraid to choose the flower that you think best represents them, their life, and what they found beauty in.

What color flowers should you use in a funeral bouquet?

With each individual funeral, memorial service, and celebration of life being so unique, there is an equally special color of flower to match. For more traditional services, white bouquets and funeral sprays are a choice that is bound to bring feelings of hope, comfort, and peace. For more vivacious celebrations of life, pinks, reds, and yellows will fit the mood of the occasion and remind the guests of the beautiful and bright life that was led.

When someone passes should I send funeral flowers?

Since we at ProFlowers have been in the flower business for so long, we know the comfort and thoughtfulness that comes with the gesture of sending flowers for the loss of a loved one. It is a great way to celebrate their life and to also console those that are mourning. Sending bouquets, sprays, plants, or funeral wreaths brings comfort and light during dark, difficult times.

Along with funeral flower arrangements, what are other ways to honor someone who has passed?

Though flowers are our first choice, there are so many ways to honor someone that has passed. Planting a tree in their memory or donating to a charity of their choosing are both special ways to help their memory live on through life and through helping others.